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Air Cavity Plastic (ACP) Packages

Our air cavity and near hermetic packages offer exceptional reliability and performance, ensuring the longevity of your electronic components in demanding environments. 

The RF Power ACP packages can be configured for use as a 2-piece or 3-piece package. The products offered by RJR are: headers, sidewalls and lids. This provides maximum flexibility in the selection of the thermal flange, which can be purchased from RJR or a 3rd party of your choice.

ACP RF Power Headers

ACP RF Power Standard Sidewalls

ACP RF Power Standard Lids

ACP Package Materials

RQFN Bases

The RQFN packages are offered as a 2-piece solution which consists of a lid and a base.


RQFN Package Materials

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Technologies Solutions

Choose RJR Technologies for innovative packages, best seal in the industry b-stage components, and advanced sealing equipment that meet the highest industry standards.


Our products are backed by our extensive expertise, commitment to quality, and dedication to delivering exceptional solutions for your electronic packaging needs.


Contact us today to explore how our products can enhance the performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of your electronic components.

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