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Air Cavity Near Hermetic Semiconductor and Photonics Packaging

We deliver High Reliability, High Performance, and Low Cost Solutions​

A Total Package Solution

RJR Technologies provides a comprehensive package solution that encompasses every aspect of the semiconductor back-end process, providing customers with a Total Package Solution.

Unleash the Power of Plastic Near Hermetic Air Cavity Packaging and B-Stage Components

Our team delivers state of the art packages and B-stage components by utilizing our patented adhesives, sealing processes,  semiconductor packaging know-how, and materials science expertise that deliver the highest performance and reliability in the industry.

Customized Solutions for Your Unique Needs

We understand that each semiconductor application is unique.  That's why we offer both a portfolio of standard and customized solutions.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of


Research and Development




Wide World Wide
Support Locations


ACP Packages in Base Stations with Zero Field Failures


Choose RJR Technologies for innovative packages,  pre-applied B-stage epoxy components and sealing equipment for the semiconductor industry.
We are committed to continually improve the effectiveness of our products and processes by maintaining focus on our customers.

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Are You Ready for a High Performance, High Reliability and Low Cost Package Solution?

Choose RJR Technologies for innovative packages,  B-stage components, and advanced sealing equipment that meet the highest industry standards.


Contact us today to explore how our products can enhance the performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of your electronic components.

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